In the case of Moratta to join Manchester United

In the case of Moratta to join Manchester United is basically a foregone conclusion, next season Manchester United's frontline competition will be more intense Chris Terry Jersey, and Rooney and Manchester United left 2 years contract, after reports that Rooney is likely to stay in Manchester United to eat air rates After the remaining two seasons Andrei Markov Jersey, but now it seems that Rooney is not so negative, in addition, the early return to the state in the summer is also conducive to Rooney once again attract the Super team's offer.It is worth mentioning that this year's winter transfer window, J Luo once and Chelsea had to go very close, then Chelsea hope J Luo joined the replacement of Super League Oscar position Zack Kassian Jersey, but J Luo finally choose to stay in Real Madrid to participate in the competition. Now Real Madrid J Luo transfer green light, but the transfer fee is 70 million euros to 80 million euros, and the original Real Madrid signed his transfer fee is basically the same.Mourinho also admitted that his role for the Portuguese coach with Guardiola and Sarky on the role of Spain and Italy coach, his success so that more Portuguese coach have the opportunity to the international stage Guy Lapointe Jersey. However, Mourinho believes that in the football world, teaching class is not feasible: "football is the most important idea, and then is a different way of thinking, and the idea is difficult to obtain through the teaching.

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