Moratta wants his future to be in the next two weeks

Moratta wants his future to be in the next two weeks, and his agent talks with Manchester United officials on Friday, and made it clear that Mora Tata wants more time to play. Moratta scored a goal in the week of Spain in the Colombian friendly match, but last season he returned to Real Madrid and failed to get the first chance, which also let Manchester United saw the hope of poaching.At the end of April this year, the European Cup, Sweden, "God Tower" Ibrahimovic unfortunate injury Stefan Matteau Jersey, had to end the season ahead of the journey. Recently, Manchester United has officially announced that it will not renew Ibrahimovic Saku Koivu Jersey, the latter to restore the "free body." However, according to the "Daily Mail" message, although not with Ibrahimovic to complete the contract, but Manchester United will not regardless of the mercy of the season, they will let Ibrahimovic to stay in the club to help him As soon as possible from the injury recovered, back to the court.British local time on Thursday, the British general election into the final stage Alexei Kovalev Jersey, in this when the mouth, a fan to make full use of their own votes, he wrote on the face of the "Wenger leave" words Mark Barberio Jersey, and in such a Way to express their own for Arsenal and Professor for two years of dissatisfaction with the renewed feelings. To be sure, the practice of the fans, he will win him in the social network full house.

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