Finally in the game to the first 13 minutes

Finally in the game to the first 13 minutes and 33 seconds, the Canadians to break the deadlock, the performance of the game brave Gallag in the front rush, he was a man rushed to the name of the oil team defensive player succeeded, backhand Passing to the door and clapping to Paul Byron is the distance to the ball Brendan Gallagher Jersey, which is also the first game of Canadians in the past two games Alexei Kovalev Jersey, 1: 1.Just 1 minute later, Canadians will score go-ahead, Georghini and Pasiolei make exquisite cooperation, the former dribble into the blue line after the sudden ball to the wall of the Pasciotti, Canadians captain crossed the front, Ge Erqinak in the right side of the goal, the ball hit the oil after the defender hit Oscar Clive Bom's body into the net nest, 2: 1. The last moment, Byron and Paci Audi has scored an empty goal, the score locked to 4: 1.Canadians waited for three years. Three years, the cavalry only in the Canadian who got two victories, three times this season, the face of Canadians is all lost. Although the team's top striker group active at the beginning of the season, but the season into the New Year when the team's performance began to silence, the team's several strikers are difficult to open the situation, if the team take it for granted that they Of the wolves can easily pk Canadians of the first three strikers, then this series will be difficult to have suspense. But the speed of the team will be their breakthrough in the Canadian defense of the weapon, compared to three years ago, the Canadian defense speed is more slowly Dickie Moore Jersey, plus Xie - Weber and Alai Xie Xie - Yemi Lin before the injury , So the Canadians are not worth worrying about the place.Goalkeeper position, this season Ronquist play is not ideal, which makes the offensive dominance data ranked league countdown rangers completely exposed weaknesses, while the opponent Kerry - Price after the Olympic Games in the state on the day , Although in the middle of the season his performance was a significant decline, but in the final stage of the season he continued to use the wonderful performance to help the team locked the partition first, in this door god of the ultimate duel, Rehnquist's experience will be him The only magic weapon to win Devante Smith-pelly Jersey.

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Jiuguo no less than the Canadian team

Jiuguo no less than the Canadian team gates fire, the first 4 minutes and 17 seconds Henri Richard Jersey, the oil group of two left-wing Milan Lukeqi start from the backcourt, he knocked in the body confrontation from the far over the defense of the Aixi Xi Yemi Lin, then he hit the ball break, in front of the defense defender Jeff Petrie blocked before playing a tricky shot Brendan Gallagher Jersey, Price to save less than the ball from his five holes fleeing into the net, oil People start to lead the first person.The backward Canadian team began to fight back, teenager A Tu Li Lei Kaikenan in the first 5 minutes in front of the opportunity to get in the door, Brandon Gallagh is also the ear hit by the case of struggling to fight, Canada People once seemed to be open to the door of the oil team, but Talbott was stable, not a great opportunity for Canadians. Blocking the Canadian people after a wave of counterattack Dustin Tokarski Jersey, the oil team occupied the field of active, the visiting team for 9 consecutive minutes did not get a shot to try. The two sides with a 1: 0 score into the third quarter.In the last section, Canadians began to strengthen the attack, coach Claude Julian completely changed the layout before the game, the team attack the best of the three players Alex Keljinjak - Max Pa Sorelli - Alex Chadurov was placed in the first group, although the Canadian offensive ferocious Lucas Lessio Jersey, but some people frequently use the counterattack threat to the Canadian door, the first 6 minutes Patrick Ma Luen received Mike Dave's assists, he Of the close-up shot by Price is incredible to resolve.

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